Research Field and Interests Summary

  • Quantum dot Synthesis & Apllicaion

  • Perovskite quantum dot Synthesis & Applicaion

  • Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applicaion

  • Water-Solubles Metaloxide NPs development and MR Imaging

  • Graphene and Graphene Oxide Synthesis & Applcaion

  • Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Synthesis & Applcaion

This is a explanation of the basic structure of quantum dots.​


This is an explanation of the quantum confinement effect, which is one of the biggest features of quantum dots.

Perovskite is one of the types of quantum dots.
In addition, we are researching various types of quantum dots.

Quantum dots with light emitting characteristics can be applied to various applications.

It can be mapped to Sentinel lymph nodes using Quantum dot`s light emitting properties.

Quantum dots with light absorption characteristics can be applied to solar cells.

Quantum dots can be applied to various applications.